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Description of Klingon ToDo Agenda

Klingon ToDo Agenda, an app by stanlm

Disclaimer: There is an in-app purchase ($1.89) for the ability to change settings from the defaults & extra graphics, but there are no ads or limits within the app otherwise.

Welcome to a Klingon themed todo app, a star trek app with some practical functions. This app is a spin-off of my federation themed todo app called 'Star Trek ToDo Agenda', except themed for klingon graphics & sounds. It is functionally identical to the federation one, but maybe more subtle, for first-timers you may want to try the federation version first. The apps are functionally identical, just different hotspot locations to go with the theme.

The ToDo app, in my opinion, is a pretty advanced agenda style todo list, it does the ToDo essentials in minimal intuitive taps, but it's not a full-blown PIM. I'm not sure how ppl have time to keep full-blown PIMs up to date... so this is my ideal pim actually, besides the theming.

6/7 New! Homescreen widget and notifications are a new addition and will improve with time. Right now the widget is just functional and not very themed.

For further questions or suggestions, please email <a href=""></a>

Description of Permissions


billing - for the optional in-app donation/unlock.

sdcard/storage - the app stores some tiny data/graphics in a folder. just delete sdcard/sta_photos to totally remove this app (after uninstall).

set wallpaper - not available yet, but i'd like to add in a couple nice trek wallpapers used in the app that one could set to their homescreen if desired.

that's it, no internet access, no ads, no funny stuff; all stanlm apps are focused on simplicity.

oops, it does use internet and record audio now (7/10), that was for the new voice-to-text option. that is all it is for.

Memory/Processor Efficiency:

The graphics do take some memory, it is designed to look great specifically for the latest superphones (720p hd screens), but should be okay down to pretty old phones (which aren't that old ;).

The app does not run unnecessarily in the background, unless you have the widget turned on in which once a minute it's checking for alarmed tasks and updating the countdown on the widget if the homescreen is visible. But you don't have to use the widget if you're concerned about the battery for that. There is no other background process that runs, no ads, no internet, nothing to do when the app is not active.

Thanks, and let me know what you think! <a href=""></a>

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